Explore the business analyst career opportunities.

What they do

What exactly do Business Analysts do?

Business Analyst Vacancy"A business analyst -IT focuses on improving operations that involve information technology within an organization. The business analyst offers consultation to management in an effort to help the organization become more efficient and effective. The business analyst will analyze the hardware, software, and IT services that are being employed in an organization. Analyses will have to be carried out in order to determine areas that need improvement. It is also important to have strong research skills in order to determine the latest trends and solutions."

"The business analyst will then peruse the results and make suggestions as to what should be changed regarding the organization's IT policies, IT structure, and IT operations. When problems are detected, the business analyst should carry out problem-solving techniques in order to come up with a solution. When solutions are implemented, the analyst should continue to monitor these solutions to analyze their efficiency and to make continuous improvements. Knowledge of SQL is important in order to be able to analyze data from databases. The business analyst should be able to carry out analyses, such as cost benefit analyses. Therefore, strong mathematical skills are essential. Presentation and report-making skills are important in order to present the findings to upper management."

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What tasks do they perform

  • Create project plans for information technology development and testing.
  • Translate requirements into new information technology project specifications.
  • Identify, communicate, and manage risks associated with projects.
  • Identify business or customer requirements and information technology alternatives.
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What is the career path

The following chart highlights the various career paths for business analysts.


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What do they earn

The following chart lists the yearly wage chart for business analysts.

Business Analyst, IT (United States)
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