ISM 5670: Digital Video Creation and Analytics

What is this 'Digital Video Creation and Analytics' course all about?


Rationale: It is estimated that video traffic currently makes up 57% of all consumer internet traffic, which is expected to increase to 82% by 2020.  Users upload 300 hours of new video to YouTube every minute, and view almost 5 billion videos every day.  Customers expect to find video content on company websites, and they are 64% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.  Organizations big and small are looking for employees that can develop compelling videos to meet their customer’s demand for video consumption. 

Learning Outcomes: In this course, you will learn how to shoot professional looking video and analyze its impact.  The learning outcomes from this course will enable the students to:

  1. articulate the value of digital video in the enterprise;
  2. script and storyboard a short narrative sequence;
  3. setup appropriate lighting and sound for professional looking video;
  4. utilize editing techniques for post-production and prepare videos for distribution via the web;
  5. apply effective team communication and coordination skills to complete the video process from pre-production script development through web deployment;
  6. evaluate video analytics to determine the impact of a video;
  7. articulate on emerging video trends;

Course Content: The following topics will be covered in this course. 

  1. Captioning: add closed captioning to videos; add videos to a webpage;
  2. Post Production: introduction/advanced topics in post-production editing of video;
  3. Production Planning: Planning and shooting video (A roll vs. B roll);
  4. Tools / Equipment: Cameras, resolutions, tripods, and different shots;
  5. Trends: explore emerging video trends;

ISM 5670 is a course in the 'Inbound Information Technology ' specialization category. 

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