Explore the social media specialist career opportunities.

What they do

Social Media icon-1319606_640.jpg"Social media specialists communicate with the public through platforms that allow users to create and share content online.  They typically run the organization's social media accounts working to build an online reputation.  They post content, including images, text, and/or videos, to spark interest and discussion in a topic that relates to the brand, topic, or organization.  In addition, social media specialists follow the conversations and interact with the public online." Learn more by reading our blog posts -- 3 ways to improve your instagram presence.

Social media jobs are increasing at an incredible rate this year, but what exactly do Social Media Specialists do?  The following video details information about the social media position.


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What their career path could be

The following chart highlights the various career paths for social media specialists / managers.


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How much they earn

The following chart lists the yearly wage chart for social media specialists / managers.

Social Media Specialist (United States)
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