Explore the tremendous career opportunities available to you with an Information Systems Management (ISM) degree.

ISM Career Opportunity

There is tremendous opportunity for Information Systems Management trained professionals.  

According to U.S. News and World Report, "there seems to be no end to organizations' appetite for advanced or improved data communications technology.  And e-commerce continues to increase the need for systems analysts."  According to Gartner, by 2017 the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will spend more on Information Technology (IT) than the Chief Information Officer (CIO).  Technology is at the heart of marketing and marketing is already a major buyer and influencer of technology. 

Information Systems Job Growth

Information systems career paths continue to expand.  Several relevant statistics are ... 

  • median annual earnings of IT workers were $80,665 in 2014
  • median earnings are almost twice as much as the median earnings of the total workforce in 2014
  • 22% of IT workers had a master’s degree or higher compared with 12% for all workers
  • Web developers had the highest rate (20%) of working at home compared with other IT occupations
  • Web developers had among the highest rates of self-employment (21%)
  • IT workers tend to be younger
    • 55% were between the ages of 25 and 44 compared with 43% of all workers
  • Web developers were among the youngest in IT jobs
    • with 38% between the ages of 25 and 34 and 11% between the ages of 16 and 24

Information Technology Workers

Complexity of Information Systems Jobs

Julie Beckhusen details the increasing complexity of Information Systems careers in her blog post.   Key points include that ... 

  • the number of distinct IT occupations continues to grow
  • about 4 in 5 households own some type of computer
  • IT workers now represent 2.9 % of the U.S. labor force 
  • America’s use of technology relies on a large workforce to maintain networks, develop hardware and software, and provide support
  • in 2014, 4.6 million people worked in information technology (IT)

Compexity of IT Occupations

New Career Titles

So what are some new career titles?  Please explore our  Career Opportunities page after reading what Lee Ann Antuna, from iPullRank as she provides a discussion of new career titles and directions in her blog post,  Don’t Call Us Marketers: How MozCon Defined The New Normal Of Digital Marketing 

  • Don’t call me a Copywriter, call me a Strategic Storyteller
  • Don’t call me a UX/UI Designer, call me a Curator of Experiences
  • Don’t call me an SEO, call me an Usability Analyst
  • Don’t call me a Developer…call me maybe
  • Don’t call me a Link Builder, call me a Relationship Acquisitor
  • Don’t call me a Data Scientist, call me a Personalization Artist
  • Don’t call me an Account Manager, call me a Reputation Marketer


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