Frequently Asked Questions

Please scan these questions/answers to find the information that you are looking for. These are the responses to many of the questions that individuals have asked us.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How quickly can I earn the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems and Management (PBISM)?
The PBISM Certificate can be earned in as few as eight (8) months.  A sample plan of work describes how this is accomplished - Complete the Certificate in 8 Months!
[fa icon="plus-square"] How much will the tuition be to earn the certificate?
There are various factors that must be considered in determining the tuition cost of the certificate. Students are assessed tuition each semester based on factors such as their college, academic level, year in school, academic program, residency, and number of credit hours. Official tuition information can be found at:  In addition, a sample tuition calculator app can be used. It is found at:  As an example, as of November 2016, for planning purposes only, for the Post Baccalaureate tuition select the "Undergraduate Upper Business Administration". By selecting this option you get a tuition estimate. As an example, the 24 credit hour certificate for an in-state resident of Michigan is estimated at $12,226.89.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How are classes offered?
The PBISM classes can be offered in a traditional face-to-face or in an online format.
[fa icon="plus-square"] What is AACSB? Why is it important that my degree is from an AACSB accredited school?
"AACSB Accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. Less than 5% of the world's 13,000 business programs have earned AACSB Accreditation. AACSB-accredited schools produce graduates that are highly skilled and more desirable to employers than other non-accredited schools." (  Additional information about Wayne State University's Ilitch School of Business AACSB accreditation is available at:
[fa icon="plus-square"] Who should consider the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems and Management?
This post baccalaureate certificate provides training for in the rapidly expanding area of information systems to a variety of individuals. Individuals who are liberal arts graduates, career changers, and professionals looking to enter positions in inbound technologies, systems and/or business analysis, and web design and development should consider this certificate. The successful completion of this program demonstrates to potential employers clear evidence of educational achievement in information systems and management.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How much time should I plan on spending preparing for courses in the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems and Management?
The amount of time required to prepare for a class varies by student. However, as a guide, plan on spending one to two hours per credit hour per week. So, if your class is a 3 credit hour course, plan on spending three to six additional hours per week preparing for the class.