Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Systems and Management

The post-baccalaureate certificate in information systems management (PBISM) is designed for individuals who desire advanced training in inbound information technologies, systems analysis and design, databases, web development tools and other emerging technologies via online instruction. By providing instruction in targeted areas, including inbound, project management, IT security, networking and ERP systems software, the program offers students the opportunity to develop technical and business skills pertinent to the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems in a variety of organizational settings.

For admission information for the Post-Baccalaureate ISM Certificate, visit the Certificate Programs Admissions page.

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As a candidate for this certificate, you must successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits in coursework. Students must earn at least 18 credits at Wayne State University.

To receive the certificate, an overall minimum 2.5 grade point average must be maintained with a grade of C or better in each course.

The curriculum consists of five (5) required courses (Introduction to Business Information Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, Data Communications and Networks, Database Systems and Software Tools for Business Applications) and three (3) elective courses chosen from five choices (Introduction to Corporate Computer Network and IT Security; Ethics in Information Technology; Survey of E-commerce; Data Mining, and Information Systems Policy and Management).

You will work with an advisor in the business school to develop a Plan of Work that is appropriate for you given your previous coursework and your career goals.

To get started, contact an advisor to help you develop your personal plan of work for completing the certificate.