2019 ITO Events

Detroit HUG / ITO Event
October 2, 2019

Samar Saab

My Inbound 2019 Experience

Samar Presenting-1
Samar Presenting
Samar Presenting

Mark Parent

President of Inbound 281 - Detroit HUG Leader

Mark Parent Presenting-8-1
Mark Parent Presenting
Mark Parent Presenting-4-1-1
Mark Parent Presenting-5-1

Michael Stone

Presents the Highlights of Inbound 2019

Michael Stone Presenting-2-1
Michael Stone Presenting-1-1
Michael Stone Presenting-3-1
Michael Stone Presenting-1

John Heinrichs 

Business leaders hear about ISM programs

Heinrichs Presenting
Heinrichs Presenting-1-1
Heinrichs Presenting IIT
Heinrichs Presenting ISM


ISM students interact with local business leaders

Megan and Samar
Mark Networking
Mark Networking-3

ITO: Young IT Professionals Panel w/ Rocket Fiber

Student interact with the Rocket Fiber Management Team

Rocket Fiber ITO Event