Rome Wasn’t Built in One Day: Same with the World Wide Web

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Apr 29

Rome Wasn’t Built in One Day: Same with the World Wide Web

Implementation Social_Media_Strategyof social media for an organization can often times be a very complicated and time-consuming process.  Often times organizations spend time trying to come up with the correct social media strategy and online balance for their organization but never become successful with the implementation process because they fail to set realistic and meaningful goals.  By setting goals, it allows for an organization to work through the steps needed to reach those goals.  When organizations tend to rush into the implementation process without first analyzing their goals, they tend to fail.  The following steps need to be done if an organization wishes to be successful in implementing social media strategies and online activities.

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Step 1: Diagnostic Audit

The first step in order to gain a competitive advantage through social media and the internet is to evaluate your organization's current status.  This is what is known as a diagnostic audit.  During this step, companies should evaluate their current online presence.  They should look at their websites and social media pages and even use grader tools to evaluate their current sites. 

Step 2: Purpose

The next step for an organization is to decide on what purpose their social media site and webpages are going to serve.  The purpose of the online webpages could take the form of informative pages. These pages could educate customers on the organizations products and services and also increase customer awareness.  Other social media pages could help increase customer experience.  These pages can include online tech support or even ways for customers to communicate with one another.

Step 3: Goal Setting

The third and final step in the process is to set the goals.  Goals can vary depending on the organization and their plans for social media pages.  Many organizations might want to increase their sales through e-commerce.  Other organizations might want to simply increase their website’s “hit count”.  Some firms may wish to receive feedback on their current products and services from their social media sites.  This will help them improve their offerings and will also help them in future innovation.  No matter what the goal is, organizations must always remember to keep in mind that these goals must be:

  1. Meaningful to the organization
  2. Realistic

Without the proper analysis of current social media sites and without proper goal setting, organizations have no place to start.  Firms need to remember that just as Rome was not built in one day, neither is a successful presence on the internet. However, with the proper analysis of current online pages and educational goal setting, social media and the internet is a fantastic tool for organizations to use to gain a competitive advantage.

(All accolades and credit for this tremendous blog post are for Ryan Sitto who is the author and content creator.) 

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