HR Gets Social In 2014

Posted by John H. Heinrichs

Feb 20

Social Media Trends For 2014

As college Social_Media_Trendsstudents, we are all working toward one common goal: finding a job.  This isn't always the easiest thing to do but this year, HR will finally be using social networking and other digital technologies to recruit.  Forbes wrote an article entitled "2014: The Year Social HR Matters." The article says "the digital immigrants have now caught up to the digital natives - we are now all digital citizens."  It is great that HR is finally embracing social media as a resource to find new talent. 

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47% of millennials say that an employer's online reputation is equally as important as the job they are offering.  This proves how important a company's brand is to it's reputation.  Additionally, this is proof that a strong digital presence is essence to being respected by the public.  Every tweet should be sent with care and thought.  Every color and font selected with reason.

Companies will need to change to accommodate and appeal to the millennial's way of life.  By 2020, 50% of the workplace will be made of millennial.

By 2020, 50% of the workplace will be made of millennial
  1. Big Data Lets New Jobs Find You (even before you even know you're looking!)
  2. Recruiting firms specializing in data will be scouring the web for new talent.  They will find this talent via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other professional open source forums.  Websites such as Entelo and TalentBin have the ability to know when a user updates their profile to anticipate which users may be looking to enter the workplace or change positions.
  3. Call Me Maybe?
  4. Mobile apps will become even more relevant this year.  17% of new hires now come from the mobile app.  Phones and tablets are a huge part of the job application and recruitment process.
  5. RIP to Performance Reviews
  6. In a survey given by WorldAtWork, 60% of HR leaders do not think yearly performance reviews portray employees' work accurately.  Informal check ins are in high demand with no forms required. Goals and development are what is important, not how they compare to their co workers.
  7. Massive Open Online Classes (MOOC) Will Change Corporate Learning
  8. MOOC will change the way companies conduct training.  No longer will employees need to be flown all over the country to be trained.  No longer will employees need to leave work early to get an advanced degree.  Massive Open Online Classes will revolutionize all of this. 

Social Change is coming.  Embrace it!


(All credit and accolades for this tremendous blog post are for Sari Gordon who is the author and content creator.)

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