Get Ready For Your GMAT

Posted by Kiantee Rupert-Randell

Feb 26

Get Ready For Your GMAT!

Feeling overwhelmed GMAT_Imageat the thought of taking the GMAT? Here are some GMAT preparation tips that may help.

  • Make an appointment with an adviser in the WSU School of Business Administration Graduate Programs Office to determine the application and GMAT submission deadlines for admissions into the graduate business programs.
    • This will help you to determine when and how soon you will need to schedule the exam.
  • Get a copy of the GMAT Handbook
    • This handbook is available in the Graduate Programs Office or online at It will help you through the GMAT registration process and inform you to what is on the exam.
  • Visit
    • This website is all about the GMAT!  It will provide you with a FREE preparation tool called GMATPrep Software. It can be downloaded onto any PC or Mac.  Additional study resources may be purchased directly from this website.  This website is also where you officially register for the exam!
  • Check out the CompletePrep GMAT Preparation Course offered by the WSU Executive and Professional Development
    • Contact Executive and Professional Development at (313) 577-4449 to find out more about the preparation course, or to register!
  • Give yourself time to prepare & study
    • Develop a study plan that works best for your lifestyle and that results in you being comfortable with the test questions, timing and pace
    • Familiarize yourself with the test structure, format and question types.  Practice the different question types on the FREE GMATPrep Software and take the practice exams.  It is best to simulate the GMAT testing environment by using a timer and by eliminating water, snacks, music and technology during your practice tests.
    • Review your progress with each practice test and plan to work on your weak areas.
    • Remember, there are no magic formulas, no secrets, no tricks to studying for the GMAT – just planning and preparation.
    • The time you spend studying for the GMAT is unique to you.  Remember, it’s how smart you study, not just how long you study that matters.
    • Practice, practice, practice! Anything worth doing is worth doing well.


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