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HTML5 & CSS3 Primer

This topic in the course focuses on explaining various HTML5 elements and CSS3 styling rules.   

Multimedia & Video Analytics

This topic in the course focuses on enhancing your video creation skills as well as sharing video analytics.  

Templates / Site Pages

You have learned the basics.  Now, it is time to enhance your skills using professional development tools.

Design and Email

Enhance your resume (and LinkedIn profile) with your newly acquired email and design certifications.



HTML5 & CSS3 Primer

  1. Build a Webpage Template with HTML5
  2. Enhance a Website with Links and Images 
  3. Apply CSS Styles to Webpages


Multimedia & Video Analytics

  1. Add multimedia content to web pages
  2. Add geo-location capability



External certifications provide an additional way to demonstrate your mastery of Inbound Information Technology (IIT) tools and techniques. These certifications can be used to promote your capabilities.  This course focuses on the  CMS Developer Certification and the Email Certification.   View more information at ...  Professional Certifications

Extra Credit

Complete various additional assignments to earn extra credit.

Responsive Design Primer

  1. Design for Mobile Devices
  2. Design for Tablet and Desktop Devices
  3. Improve Web Design with New Page Layouts
  4. Creating Tables and Forms
  5. Add Leadin to capture visitor information

CMS Templates & Pages

  1. Create site templates and pages
  2. Create landing pages templates and pages
  3. Create email templates and emails/newsletters
  4. Create blog templates and pages


Enhance your knowledge with quizzes on the various HTML5, CSS3, and responsive design material.



Develop your web portal. 

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